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City of Bonney Lake-Permit Center

21719 96th St E Second Floor Buckley,WA 98321


Administrative Wireless Permit Application

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Wireless Communication Facility to be Amended or Proposed:


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1. Procedure: The procedures for this permit are outlined in the Bonney Lake Municipal Code 14.30.020.

2. Completeness: You application will be deemed complete 29 days after submittal, unless otherwise notified.

3. Ownership: The Owner of the property as identified on the Pierce County Tax Assessor’s website must either sign this application form or submit a notarized letter stating that the Applicant and/or Project Contact to act as the Owners agent regarding the property at the above-referenced address for the purpose of filing land use applications and have full power and authority to perform on behalf of the Owner all acts required to enable the City to process and review such applications. If the property was recently purchased and sale is not reflected on the Pierce County Assessor’s website, the new Owner must submit documentation demonstrating that he/she has purchased the property. Alternatively, a copy of a lease agreement may be submitted.

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