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City of Bonney Lake - Executive

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City of Bonney Lake Art Gallery Exhibit Agreement

Note: The City of Bonney Lake does not provide insurance for artwork. Artist is responsible for properly insuring artist's own artwork during the exhibit.

  • Artist is solely responsible for insuring self, Artist's employees or assistants, artwork and property throughout installation and removal of artwork from the City of Bonney Lake premises and duration of exhibit.
  • Artist accepts full responsibility for hanging and showing of artwork, and accepts full responsibility for loss and/or damage of artwork or property. Artist waives any claims against City of Bonney Lake for personal injury or property damage during installation, display or removal of artwork.
  • Artist may be responsible for any damage to City of Bonney Lake property occurring during installation, display or removal of the artwork, including damage due to improper hanging of artwork.

Art exhibited in the City of Bonney Lake Gallery locations does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the City of Bonney Lake or the Arts Commission.

Use of name I likeness: The City of Bonney Lake may use names and photos of artists or artwork for the purpose of advertising the exhibits only, including, but not limited to city newsletters, printed materials, webpage and all other forms of electronic communications.

Please check if photos can be used for this purpose.

Complete and submit this form, along with representative photos, portfolio, images of your artwork to the City by hitting submit at the end of the form and uploading the required documents below.

 Please do not post exhibit announcements until your exhibit application is approved and an exhibit date is set.

Upload representative photos, portfolio, or pictures

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By signing this agreement, I agree to defend, indemnify and hold the City of Bonney Lake harmless from any liability for damage, loss or destruction of property, or injuries to any persons arising out of the transportation, installation, display and removal of any artwork being provided by the artist for display at or on City of Bonney Lake property. Any claims for such loss, damage or injury are waived by signing this agreement.

I agree to take responsibility for any damage occurring to the City of Bonney Lake property during installation, removal of artwork or duration of exhibit, and will bear the full cost of repair, including replacement, if necessary.

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Month/Year of Exhibit: _____________________  Installation Date: ______________________  Removal Date: ______________________

Click on the policy below to see a printable version of the Art Display Policy.