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City of Bonney Lake-Permit Center

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1. Timing: On sites where development is proposed or anticipated, clearing permits shall not be issued until the corresponding land use, grading or building permit is approved or until that stage in the permitting process when all major site planning issues have been decided and the proponent is committed to prompt building construction.

2. Expiration: In addition to the expiration provisions of BLMC 14.10.100, unconsummated clearing permits shall expire with the expiration or revocation of their corresponding land use, grading or building permit.

3. Replanting: Tree removal not associated with development activity may be required to comply with the reforestation requirements of Chapter 222-34 WAC.

4. The Applicant will either need to provide documentation from a registered forester that less than 5,000 board feet of timber will be harvested or provide the Forest Tax Reporting Account Number of the Timber Owner. To receive a tax number, call the Department of Revenue at (360) 534-1324.

Upload File(s): For submittal requirements, please see the Clearing/Tree Removal Submittal Worksheet under the Planning Permits tab on the Permit Center Webpage.

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