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City of Bonney Lake - Facility Rentals

19304 Bonney Lake Boulevard Bonney Lake, WA 98391


Justice & Municipal Center City Facility Rental Program & Policies

Please check for availability prior to submitting a rental application by calling 253-863-7658.

Rental reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis. 
Reservations are not finalized until payment is made in full. 

View photos of facilities on the Park and Facility Rental Page on the City of Bonney Lake Website.

Bonney Lake Justice & Municipal Center- *A/V Equipment is not available for rental use*
9002 Main Street, Bonney Lake, WA 98391

  1. Meeting Room #130 & Lobby
    • Size/Occupancy: Meeting Room: Please contact us for details.
    • Lobby: 246 standing; approximately 83 with tables & chairs (1,232 square feet)
    • Equipment: Meeting Room: Rectangular meeting table (1); chairs (10)
    • Lobby: 36” round tables (3); chairs (12)
  2. Council Chambers & Lobby
    • Size/Occupancy: Chambers: 101 maximum; approximately 35 with tables & chairs (512 square feet)
    • Lobby: 246 standing; approximately 83 with tables & chairs (1,232 square feet)
    • Equipment: Chambers: Rectangular tables (2 small, 2 large) & chairs (35)
    • Lobby: 36” round tables (3); chairs (12)
  3. City Employee Building Monitor is required

Rental Fees – per BLMC 3.90.040

  • Meeting Room 130 & Lobby Standard Fee: $250 Damage Deposit + $30 per hour Rental Fee, 2-hour minimum
  • Council Chambers & Lobby Standard Fee: $250 Damage Deposit + $40 per hour Rental Fee, 2-hour minimum
  • Local Non-Profit*: $125 Damage Deposit + $25 per hour Rental Fee

*Non-Profits not located within the City will be charged the Standard rate.



Facility Availability
Rental times must include time needed for set-up, delivery of any supplies, and consideration for clean-up time. City facilities may be closed on certain days throughout the year at the discretion of the City of Bonney Lake.

Per BLMC 3.90.040: Rental rates may be reduced by 50% if a member of the rental group is a city employee who agrees to serve as the building monitor at his/her sole expense, and is so approved in advance by the city. The Justice & Municipal Center rental rate shall be reduced by 30% if both the Chambers and Meeting Room facilities are rented simultaneously.


  • Cancellations made at least two months prior to the event will result in no cancellation charge.
  • Cancellations made with less than a two month notice will result in a non-refundable cancellation fee of $100.
  • Cancellations made with less than a 14 day notice will result in a non-refundable cancellation fee of the full rental cost not to exceed $300.

NOTE: The City of Bonney Lake reserves the right to change or cancel any part of a rental agreement and the related scheduled activity.

Damage Deposit Rules
In addition to rental fees all rental groups will be charged a Damage Deposit. Damage Deposits are completely refundable as long as the following terms are met:

  1. The room and adjacent facilities (including outside) are left in a clean and orderly manner per the Rental Clean-up Checklist.
  2. Use of the room does not exceed the scheduled time.
  3. All equipment is accounted for and undamaged.
  4. Additional staff time is not required as part of the rental.
  5. Damage to the building has not occurred.
  6. All rules/guidelines governing alcohol consumption as stated by the Alcohol Beverage Request Form are met.
  7. All rules/guidelines governing rental usage of the Bonney Lake rental facilities are met.

If these conditions are not met to the satisfaction of the City, an appropriate fee will be deducted from the damage deposit. If necessary, rental groups will be charged for any additional costs. Please allow 4 weeks for the damage deposit to be returned.

Room Set-up
Set-up is the sole responsibility of the rental group. Rental groups will not be allowed in the facility prior to the start time designated on the rental contract. Please be sure to allow enough time to complete the room set-up and decorating when booking the rental. Rental groups will be charged for any and all time used for set-up. Rental groups are responsible for returning the room to its original configuration.

Kitchenette Information
It is the responsibility of the rental group to provide their food, serving, and eating supplies, paper products, utensils and all other kitchen items. The only kitchen equipment available for rental use is the dishwasher, counter tops, and refrigerator in Meeting Room 130. All other equipment is not available for use.

Alcohol Information
Alcohol is prohibited in both of the areas.

Check In Procedure
Upon your arrival at the facility that you are renting, you must check in with the building monitor. For your safety and convenience, there is always a staff person on duty during your event. For groups renting on the weekend, the facility will be opened at the time the rental is scheduled to start.

The building monitor is required to conduct a pre-event room inspection prior to the start of a rental to ensure cleanliness of the facility. The above procedure applies to building rentals only. No monitor will be present during park rentals.

Loading, Deliveries and Storage
All deliveries must occur during designated rental times only. Deliveries that arrive early will not be accepted. City of Bonney Lake staff will not sign for any deliveries. All items must be removed from the facility at the end of your rental time.

Cleaning the Facility
Renters are responsible for cleaning the facility in accordance with the Rental Clean-Up Checklist. All garbage is to be removed from the facility at the conclusion of your event and placed in the dumpster. The Building Monitor will assist you in locating the dumpster. Cleaning equipment for the facility is available and the Building Monitor will assist you in locating it. To ensure the return of your damage deposit, the Building Monitor will complete a Rental Clean-Up Checklist.

Any cleaning and or repairs that require staff time and materials will be deducted from the damage deposit and or charged to the rental group. If a rental exceeds the time reserved, they will be charged for the additional time and or it will be deducted from the damage deposit. Failure to follow the Clean-Up Checklist may result in forfeiture of the damage deposit and additional charges and could also result in denial of future rental usage.

Decorations may be attached to walls, windows, or ceilings with masking tape or other non-marring material. Do not use tacks, staples, glue or other marring materials. The use of candles or flammable materials is strictly prohibited. Use of any rice is prohibited. Birdseed or confetti may be used outside but must be cleaned up. The use of smoke machines is strictly prohibited.

Restrictions apply to weapons, firearms, and fireworks – see BLMC 12.12.140 and 12.12.145.

Tobacco use is prohibited per RCW 70.160.030, therefore, smoking, chewing, etc. is prohibited. Persons wishing to smoke may do so OUTSIDE the facility and at least 25 feet from any window or door. Please use provided receptacles for proper disposal of cigarettes. Rental groups are responsible for cleaning area of debris as a result of smoking/chewing associated with their group.

Selling Items
Rental groups wishing to sell items while renting a city facility must obtain a City of Bonney Lake Business License. A copy of the business license must be on file with the rental application 7 days prior to the scheduled event. For information on obtaining a business license call (253) 447-4354.

Any non-personal use of any facilities will need to have a Commercial Liability and Participant Liability Certificates of Insurance and additional insured endorsements naming The City of Bonney Lake as an additional insured. Each Certificate shall include coverage with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. The Certificates of Insurance are required to be in the City’s possession at least five business days prior to the reservation date. Examples are: Special events, corporate hosted functions, athletic leagues. A personal insurance agent or an insurance agency may be of assistance in securing the required insurance. 

Applicant Name:


Alternate Contact

Are you a Non-Profit (Non-Profit located outside Bonney Lake are charged standard rates.)

Facility Requested

Does The Reservation Require Multiple Dates (weekly/monthly)?

Date Signed

Date Picker

The applicant certifies that the information given in this application is accurate. The undersigned further states that he/she has the authority to make this application for the applicant and agrees that the applicant will observe the above rules and regulations. The applicant further agrees to reimburse the City of Bonney Lake for any damages arising from the use of said facilities. Any accident involving injury to participants or damages to facilities or equipment occurring during the use of City facilities or equipment shall be reported to the City immediately.

The applicant agrees that the City of Bonney Lake and its officers and employees shall not be liable for any damage to person or property by reason of negligent acts of applicant, its agents, employees, invitees, or subcontractors. The applicant agrees to protect, indemnify for legal costs and other expenses, and hold harmless the City of Bonney Lake and its officers and employees from claims, liabilities, or lawsuits arising out of injury to person or property from negligent acts of applicant, directly or indirectly attributable to applicant’s activities and/or use of premises except for sole negligence of the City. The applicant is responsible for special set-up requirements and clean-up.

I request use of the City facilities as listed above. I have reviewed and agreed to the terms of the Facility Rental Program & Policies. I understand the rental fee and deposit must be paid before the event and that it is my responsibility to leave area in the condition it was upon arrival for the event.


Choose how to sign

Payments may be made:

  • In Person: 19304 Bonney Lake Boulevard, Bonney Lake, WA 98391 
  • By Phone: 253.863.7658
  • By Mail: City of Bonney Lake, Attn: Senior Center-Reservations, 9002 Main ST E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
  • By Email:
THIS IS YOUR RECEIPT. Bring a copy of the document rental form to your event as proof of your reservation.  For issues during your reservation, call dispatch at (844)-821-8911. General questions, call 253-863-7658. Emergencies, call 9-1-1.


Tracking #: _____________________________ Deposit Fees: __________

Monitor Needed: _____ Yes _____ No                 Rental Fees: ___________ 

TOTAL FEES: ___________ Reservation Paid/Confirmed _____ Yes

Renter will have:

___ Contract/Invoice for security 14 days prior


__________________________ Staff Signature  _______________ Date

City Facility Rental Checklist


Date(s) of Event: ___________________________________________________

Start Time: _______________ Exit Time: _______________

Facility/Location: Justice & Municipal Center _____ Meeting Room 130 & Lobby    _____ Council Chambers & Lobby

Contact Person: _________________________________________

Please Circle

Hard Surface Floors Clean YES NO Hard Surface Floors Clean YES NO
Carpets Clean YES NO Carpets Clean YES NO
Windows Clean YES NO Windows Clean YES NO
Tables/Chairs Clean YES NO Tables/Chairs Clean YES NO
Tables/Chairs Accessible YES NO Tables/Chairs Returned to Original Setting YES NO
Extra Chairs/Tables Accessible YES NO Extra Chairs/Tables Stored YES NO
Garbage Cans Empty & Lined YES NO Garbage Cans Empty & Lined YES NO
Cleaning Equipment Accessible YES NO Renter's Supplies All Removed YES NO
Bathrooms Clean & Stocked YES NO Bathrooms Clean  & Stocked YES NO
A/V Equipment Working Properly YES NO A/V Equipment Working Properly YES NO

Additional Staff Notes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________



List any damages, clean up problems and or miscellaneous information: ____________________________________________________







Only sign at end of rental walk through


Signature of Renter in Charge: ______________________________________________________


Signature of Bonney Lake Staff: ______________________________________________________