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City of Bonney Lake - Utilities

9002 Main Street East, Suite 250 Bonney Lake, WA 98391

(253) 447-4317


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City of Bonney Lake accounts are maintained in the name of the property owner, requests for changes to account information must be made by the property owner. Whereas the City has set controls to prevent identity theft, proof of identification is required for any name or mailing address changes.

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Please note that accounts where tenants have been added are not eligible to receive eStatements at this time.

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The undersigned, referred to as Owner herby applies for utility services from the City of Bonney Lake. In consideration of the City accepting this request and providing the services, the Owner agrees as follows:

1. The Owner agrees to pay for the services provided in accordance with the rates now in effect or as subsequently increased or decreased by Ordinance or Resolution. 

2. In the event of disconnection (water shut-off) due to deliquency, all charges plus a $100.00 reconnection fee must be paid to restore service. The Owner will be notified no less than ten days prior to termination of service by written notice sent to the mailing address. 

3. Utility charges are due upon receipt and become delinquent on the 15th of the month following the billing. A penalty of 2% but not less than $10.00 is added to all delinquencies. Disconnection is scheduled 30 days after the date of delinquency. 

4. The City reserves the right to require cash to redeem any check returned by the bank for any reason. 

5. The Owner will provide the City with an accurate mailing address for bills. The City will also mail bills to the Owner's tenant, or to a property management company ($45.00 set up fee each request), provided however that the Owner is always liable for payment of the charges incurred at the premises, whether occupied in person by the Owner or by tenants.

6. The Owner will keep the meter or meters accessible at all times. The Owner agrees to pay for all damage to the meter which may occur through the act of negligence of the Owner. The Owner is solely responsible for the maintenance of all pipes located on the Owner's property.

(Transfer of Ownership Fee: $35.00)

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